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New Carjacking Deterrent

Stauton, Kentucky - Allied Protection Corporation has announced a new carjacking deterrent. The JACKER, a new rifle aimed at preventing car theft, is now in production. "This new weapon combines all the features that make firearms convenient with all the features that frighten would-be carjackers," commented Joe Membela, President of Allied Protection.

The new weapon, a specialized .22 rifle, weighs under four pounds and costs less than US $300. "The JACKER," Mr. Membela continued, "is a .22 autoloading carbine with a deluxe imitation walnut stock and an aluminum barrel. This is a beautiful weapon that should deter anybody attempting to rob an occupied vehicle." Citing the minimum recoil and great accuracy associated with .22 rifles, Membela noted that the JACKER offers the perfect combination of price, performance, and fear.

Jane Witnal, an early JACKER customer, was thrilled with the new weapon. "Competitive shooting has taught me to believe in myself and stand up for my rights. No more will I let carjackers scare me into staying at home when I could be out having a good time with my friends. Shooting lets me stand up for myself, and the JACKER gives me the confidence and skill I need to shoot carjackers."

Identifying "the left-wing socialists who control ABC, CBS, and NBC" as the reason fewer people own weapons and, thus, why so many carjackings occur, Andy Molchan, the head of the National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers applauded Allied Protection. "This is just what we need to get more guns into the hands of more people," Mr. Molchan said. "The threat of carjacking is not something that should be taken lightly, and Allied Protection is making more people aware of the threat carjackers pose. Beyond that, Allied Protection is giving American citizens an option: nobody needs to be carjacked anymore. Now there is something that can be done."

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