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Welcome to the home page of the National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir. This site is dedicated to the Bible Choir, as well as promoting Christian Values and issues of Christian Concern. We are pleased that you could be with us today to share in the love of Jesus and the warmth of Communal Song. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you well, encourage you to explore this site, and to let you know that God Loves You.

Built from a Community of Midwestern Churches, the NRA Christian Bible Choir meets Saturdays and Sundays to practice. Choir songs are adapted from famous Bible passages set to melody by harmonica legend Lee Oscar. The Lee Oscar Bible Series was chosen because it can be adapted to suit the preferences of any Christian faith. The NRA Bible Choir stresses a willingness to accept, and shows this by allowing any Christian Church to join. Lutheran, Evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox, or any other Protestant Church may participate in Holy Choir.

A typical Weekend of Worship will consist of practice and a social event on Saturday, attendance of Morning Mass on Sunday, and rehearsal before a performance Sunday Night.

Membership is free, thanks to the generous donations of the National Rifle Association. As a primary source of funding, the National Rifle Association is vital to the Bible Choir's functioning. Along with its generous monetary donations, the NRA provides the largest influx of new members to the Bible Choir. To further their act of good-will, the NRA even distributes to Bible Choir members coupons for discounts on firearms such as shotguns, handguns and hunting rifles from NRA-lisenced retailers.

Please feel free to browse The National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir Web site. And remember, Jesus will always be with you.

President Joseph Brown
Vice-President Mary Harper
Pastor-In-Chief Rev. David Ryan
Editor-In-Chief Ruth Whitman
Managing Editor Aaron Carlisle
News Editor Samuel Levinston
Events Editor Marcus Chaney

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