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1998 Firearms for Peace Festival

Dyersburg, Tennessee - Following the success of 1996's Shoot For Equality Festival, the National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir in 1998 launched a second themed-festival: the Firearms for Peace festival. In the 1996 festival, families and sharp-shooters were encouraged to work for a greater equality between men and women. The Shoot for Equality festival proved that women can shoot every bit as well as men with a .22 rifle. This year's Firearms for Peace festival raised support for an end to violent conflict around the globe. Featuring carnival rides, food and free .22 shooting ranges for the entire family, the Firearms for Peace festival's $45 admission fee raised over $250,000 that was donated to UNICEF and the World Firearms Alliance, which works to eliminate the hazard posed by landmines by selling firearms to poorer nations, which are much safer than antipersonnel landmines that stay active for years.

"We are truly doing God's work here," said Alan Beras, president of the World Firearms Alliance. "Landmines are a serious threat, and we are working to eliminate that threat."

The Firearms for Peace festival attracted an additional $86,000 that was used to help prevent domestic abuse and to spread the Word of the Lord to soldiers stationed overseas. "We will be shipping over 35,000 New Testament Bibles to soldiers stationed around the world," said National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir Vice-President Mary Harper. "Overall, with an attendance topping 8,500, the Firearms for Peace festival proved that Christian firearm owners are very interested in spreading both peace and the Word of God."

Attendees should look forward to mid-1999, when the next themed festival is scheduled to take place. The success of the past two festivals may spawn and annual themed festival aimed at making the world a better place for gun-owners and non-gun-owners alike.

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