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Centennial Gideon Rally

Boscobel, Wisconsin - March 24 marked a day of celebration in Boscobel, Wisconsin. It was here, in early 1898, that two traveling men met. They attended mass together, grew to be good friends, and founded the Gideon Order, dedicated to the distribution of God's message. Gideon bibles have been placed in hotel rooms around the planet since that day, and a celebration commemorating these two great men occurred on the centennial of their meeting.

Attendance at the celebration topped 1000, most of whom participated in the various activities open to the public. "There were relay races and Bible readings for the kids, firearm vendors for adults, and food and shooting ranges for all ages. And of course, there were free Gideon Bibles for all," said Alex Thomassen, chief organizer of the event.

"Throughout the course of three days," said Adrienne Milten, director of Gideon distribution, "over 3000 Gideon Bibles were distributed to school children, disillusioned teenagers, adults working day jobs at in factories, Jewish pupils from the local Synagogue, and four black people who were lost while looking for the Def Comedy Jam."

Those present were rocked by the sounds of the latest Christian pop music, offered religiously-centered skilled crafts, carnival games, and swooned by the sounds of the National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir. "It was a family event," said Martha Jansen, who attended the event with her husband and three children.

As a special surprise, actor and vice-president of the National Rifle Association Charlton Heston made a guest appearance to lecture on virtue and the necessity of firearms. Marching onto the central stage touting a .45 colt double-barrel derringer featuring a heat-treated stainless steel construction with spring-loaded extractor, blade front and fixed rear sights, a rebounding hammer, retracting firing pin, crossbolt safety, a laminated rosewood grip and interchangeable barrels amidst an uproar of ecstatic applause. "Many of you may recall my role in the epic motion picture The Ten Commandments. As many of you may be able to guess, I have an intricate knowledge of the Bible. Let me tell you, this here is one of the holiest days I've ever witnessed," Heston declared as he fired two rounds into the air.

The crowd went wild throughout the remainder of Heston's speech, and afterwards he stayed to answer questions and autograph firearms.

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