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Al Gore Supports Homosexuality

Beverly Hills, California - In addressing the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, Vice President Al Gore expressed his support for Ellen DeGeneres, an openly-gay actress who "came out of the closet" on her ABC-TV sitcom. Gore's view, which was later reiterated by President Bill Clinton, is that such a public display of homosexuality forced millions of Americans "to look at sexual orientation in a more open light."

Most people, however, view Vice President Gore's comments as offensive, and intended to undermine the family structure of America by giving such deviant lifestyles a "veneer of legitimacy," as it was put by Randy Tate, the Executive Director of the Christian Coalition. The prevailing view is that officials elected by the American people should not promote lifestyles offensive to the American electorate.

"That fairy-lovin', leftist punk should be shot," commented Ms. Marion Hammer, President of the National Rifle Association. NRA Vice President Charlton Heston supported Ms. Hammer's position. "I hate faggots," Mr. Heston said, "and I think that Gore fellow likes them."

Alan Mikelson, spokesperson for the Iowa Brotherhood of Heterosexual Christian Males, objected not so much to "Ellen's gayness," but rather to the fact "that her gayness should be advertised in this way. Gayness is morally objectionable to the American public; Mr. Gore's address would be similar to advertising Nazism during Superbowl halftime. I do not appreciate Mr. Gore's attempt to rally gay support at the expense of the American family."

In addition to an outpouring of outrage from the American public, the National Christian Advertiser's Association has proposed a television boycott of presidential advertisements for Mr. Gore, should he choose to run for President in the year 2000. "We control the airwaves," declared Wilma Smith, the Chief Public Relations Officer for the National Christian Advertiser's Association. "We control the airwaves, and only material deemed inoffensive to the Christian public will be allowed in national advertisements."

Vice President Al Gore was not available for comment on the situation.

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