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Three Churches Per Square Mile In Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Current state census results place the concentration of church organizations within Milwaukee at about 3 churches per square mile. This number increases when various other religious organizations are considered.

Church organizations in Milwaukee include Jesuit, Lutheran, Catholic, Unitarian, Anglican, Jehovan, Calvin, and Orthodox churches. The Pope, upon review of these facts, declared Milwaukee to be the future capitol of the Christian America. "More progess is needed, however," the Pope cautioned. "There are still prominent Jewish, Jainist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist organizations in Milwaukee."

"Milwaukee is a hotbed of Christian religious activity. And this is good," stated televangelist Dr. D. James Kennedy. "It is the Christian influence and midwestern values that cause the Christian love of Milwaukee to diffuse across Wisconsin. According to a recent Reader's Digest Poll, the top two of the 50 best places to raise a family in America were in Wisconsin near Milwaukee. And an additional two cities in Wisconsin appeared more towards the end of the list. This strong, Republican, concervative Christian mentality should prove as an example to other US cities. God is with you, Milwaukee!"

Church officials were pleased with these findings, which were initally reported in the bi-annual publication "All God's Glory." Milwaukee parishoners were pleased as well. "This is good news for the Milwaukee religious community. Our beautiful churches and Christian ideals make Milwaukee both a wonderful place to live and a wonderful place to worship."

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