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New Hunting Bullet Invented

Hayward, Wisconsin - Allied Weaponry, a hunting supplies manufacturer based in northern Wisconsin has invented a new type of bullet for hunting deer. "We've been doing research for years, studying more effective methods of killing deer, as well as typical hunting behavior, that is, how hunters hunt," said Eugene Shapiro, spokesperson for Allied Weaponry.

Their new bullet is made from corn starch, making it environment-friendly. "After several months, these bullets will be entirely dissolved by natural enzymes and microorganisms," Shapiro explained. Additionally, the bullets are smaller and hollow; the empty space inside is filled with deer hormones that attract other deer to the site of their fallen comrade. "This is the biggest innovation since the salt lick," Shapiro commented. Once a deer is shot, the bullet breaks open upon impact, disabling the subject and releasing an arousing hormone that draws more deer to the site.

Roger Jabloski, a hunter, used these new bullets in a preliminary trial that included a new rifle manufactured by Allied Weaponry especially for this new bullet. "They're great," Jabloski said. "It used to be I'd have to drop a salt lick on the ground, climb up a tree, haul up a 12-pack of Busch Light, and wait for some stupid deer to come eat some salt. But once I shoot that deer, the noise drives all the other deer away and I got to wait hours before I have another chance to shoot another deer. Also, when deer see a dead deer lying by a block of salt, they know something is going on. I mean, these animals are dumb, but they're not that dumb. Now, I get one deer down, and more just flock to it. I pumped one deer with maybe twenty bullets and you should have seen the herd that flocked around my tree. I just whipped out my handgun and started plugging away!"

The new rifle manufactured for the new bullet is both quieter than conventional rifles and has less recoil for greater accuracy. "The increased accuracy of this new rifle is a key componant of the new bullet technology. If you can disable a deer without killing it, more deer will be attracted to the hormone released by the bullet," Shapiro stated. "Then, when you have a whole pile of disabled deer, you can finish them off with a conventional rifle."

The new hunting equipment will be made available by early 1998 as part of a Allied Weaponry hunting kit, including a special parka that masks human odors, a complete set of liquid deer hormone, and a list of the best places to hunt deer in America.

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