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National Rifle Association to Diversify Product Line

Fairfax, VA - The National Rifle Association Store is preparing to expand its product offering, growing from a retailer of mugs, hats, rifle cases, shirts, and shot glasses emblazoned with the NRA logo. "While we are pleased with current sales," commented Ms. Marion Hammer, NRA president, "we have found that items such as knives, lighters, shot glasses, and photographic key rings have been selling better than many other items. Because of this, we are preparing to release a new series of products geared towards similar markets, and reducing warehouse stock in items that have been selling less well." Ms. Hammer stressed, however, that no discontinuations are currently planned. "All of our merchandise has been selling extremely well, with the exception of a few book titles. The key here is diversification."

Several of these new items will be test marketed first at the NRA Store in Fairfax Virginia. New items with good sales records at the NRA Store will then be included in the printed catalog. Alex Thinsborough, Director of Marketing at the NRA, added that new products should be available to the Kearneysville direct sales division in West Virginia by mid to late 1998. "We have an exciting new lineup for this year," Thinsborough commented. "We'll be expanding our line to a limited edition .357 small firearm, a collection of hunting knives featuring the evolution of the NRA seal, gold-plated Confederate flags, and a line of blue-label whiskey."

"Well, I [am] just thrilled [as] can be," Bob DeNealy, a long-time NRA member said. "I [have been] waiting for some new stuff forever. I [am] especially excited [about] that whiskey. That [is] a patriot's drink. That [is] a man drink."

Pat Robertson, President of the Christian Coalition, expressed enthusiasm as well for the new product offerings. "This hopefully will give the National Rifle Association additional funds that it needs to support new programs for Americans, Christians, and Patriots. If we're going to spread the word of Jesus to the American public, we need as much money as we can get."

Expect the new product offerings to appear at the NRA store around March 1998, and successful items to appear in the mail-order catalog around July.

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