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NRA to Organize Youth Rally for Firearms, Patriotism

Fairfax, VA - The National Rifle Association will be appointing a special committee to manage and organize an annual youth rally for firearms. These rallies will serve the purpose of educating the nation's youth about the relationship between firearms and patriotism.

"These rallies will serve as an essential element to maintaining everybody's Constitutional Rights," Mrs. Tanya K. Metaksa said. Although Mrs. Metaksa is the Executive Director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, she has been put in charge of promoting and marketing the event. "We will be giving away free NRA t-shirts, posters, holding training seminars, giving away free rounds on shooting ranges, and having a Special Firearms Olympics." The Firearms Olympics, designed after the Olympic Games and the themed Goodwill Games, will feature competitive firearms use. The grand prize for the youngster who wins the Firearms Olympics will be a free handgun of his choice. Second prize winners will be given coupons for discounts on handguns at NRA-liscened firearm retailers. Third prize winners will be given complimentary Gideon Bibles.

In addition to promoting good sportsmanship among young children, the NRA Annual Youth Rally will also be a major recruiting point for the NRA-Youth, a patriotic organization composed of young children with the purpose of monitoring for unpatriotic activity. "Children will be encouraged," Mrs. Metaksa said, "to report households without any firearms. These households will then be visited by NRA door-to-door salesmen to promote patriotic sentiment. Homeowners who aren't gun owners will be taught about patriotism, and given coupons for discount firearms."

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