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About the NRA

The National Rifle Association is a Bureaucratic Patriotism Organization headed by a 76-member board of directors. Dedicated to spreading Ignorance, Violence, Firearms and Patriotic Sentiments, the NRA spends 80 million US Dollars Annually to Impregnate the minds of Boyscouts, School Children, and the Video-Drone masses. Besides showing off Big Muscles and Small Brains, NRA members typically like to kill things, like Deer, Cantelope, Bears and Other People.

Although the Founding Fathers of the United States predicted that Such Special Interest Groups would form, they took several steps to limit the influence these groups would posess. The process of a hierarchical election accomplishes this. The hierarchical election works by sub-dividing elections. Communities elect town leaders, groups of towns elect city leaders, groups of cities elect county leaders, groups of counties elect state leaders, and groups of states elect national leaders. This way, the interests of individual communities do not have bad effects on other communities. The School Board in Suburbia, rallying to raise taxes .1% to pay for another teacher, won't have much effect on county taxes, will have less effect on state taxes, and presumably no effect on national taxes. This system works well. But what the NRA does is work from the ground up. It establishes strongholds in Suburbs in every state, and winds its tentacles of influence through every state. This way, it is not a Local Special Interest Group, but a massive Special Interest Group pushing its support of guns everywhere. Its ubiquity nullifies the hierarchical election process.

Yet, as the NRA homepage reminds us, "the NRA has never forgotten that the needs of each individual member must remain first and foremost in whatever we do." Appearantly, Needs do not include Life, Freedom from the Spectre of Firearm Violence, or Freedom from Special Interest Politics. Of course, these Needs are fulfilled for NRA members who all share the same values. Too bad for non-members.

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