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PBS Airs Segment on Homosexuality

Akron, Ohio - PBS President Ervan Duggan defended against attacks regarding a program choice on PBS. "What we have here," Mr. Duggan said, "is one group trying to block the freedoms of another group." What he is referring to is a seven minute segment on a weekly PBS program that discusses homosexuality.

Ohio concervative Republican Senator Mike DeWine protested the segment, complaining that he did not wish his tax dollars to be used to promote a "fringe" lifestyle. "These people are immoral and exist in violation of community standards. I would not say a thing if this were commercial programming, but I do protest to my tax dollars being used in this way."

Mr. Duggan defended the program on grounds that homosexual people are parts of the community and donate to Public Television. Senator DeWine argued, however, that white superiority groups are part of trhe community as well.

"It's despicable," said Mr. Duggan, "that Senator DeWine would compare homosexuality to white supremacy. Just because he doesn't agree with something or understand something doesn't mean other people shouldn't see it. PBS exists for everybody."

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