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Previously Unpublished Nude Photographs of Pat Robertson

New York, NY - Christian Photography, Inc., a New-York based modeling agency recently disclosed that Pat Robertson, President of the Christian Coalition, had previously modeled nude before their cameras. This disclosure comes after certain previously-unpublished nude photographs were leaked to the public.

"These photographs were very tastefully done, taken to accentuate Pat Robertson's rippling physique," commented Albert Roth, chief photographer at Christian Photography, Inc. for the past thirty years. "It is the policy of Christian Photography to keep copies of all works for copyright purposes. Should a client try to resell one of our photographs, we can prosecute that client to the full extent of the law. These photographs are the property of the firm."

When asked how these photographs, apparently from the storage files at Christian Photography, Inc., were leaked to the public, Roth replied that he has "no idea whatsoever. This is completely unprecedented." However, Roth said, "Mr. Robertson did have an amazing body. I can remember photographing him in every detail."

Pat Robertson, when contacted about the leak of his nude photographs, said, "Well, I would prefer that they not have been leaked to the public. I have been plagued recently by allegations of late-night sex-romps with whores as well as the negative connotation of televangelism and fanaticism and conservatism. But," Robertson concluded, "as the son of Jesus Christ, I can only suspect that God, the Father, released these photographs for a certain reason." Robertson stressed that he is not currently engaged in a search for a suitor.

"They are nice photographs," he said. "They certainly do show off God's taste and skill at crafting the body of a perfect human."

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